Thoughts on “Finding your niche”

I've been trying to actually teach myself about blogging properly, more professionally; learning SEO, learning about affiliate marketing, seeing if I could maybe try and make some money off this. I have no intent on making this my job, but it would be nice to have an additional income source and get a little something … Continue reading Thoughts on “Finding your niche”

Saturday Scroll: 01/22/22

Hello friends, my internet was out for nearly 24 hours, and since I work from home that was very stressful. It actually went out when I was in the middle of leading a presentation to 50 of my colleagues, but luckily it wasn't a me problem it was a Shaw problem so half my colleagues … Continue reading Saturday Scroll: 01/22/22

A Full Year of Project Pan

I thought it would be interesting to reflect on a full year of tracking the empties that I used up throughout the year. So overall, I don't know how effective it was, I still have a lot of product, but the majority of it is stuff that I use every day now, I have a … Continue reading A Full Year of Project Pan

Influenced Vol. 1

I thought it would be fun to do a round up of the things that I have been influenced into buying. Originally, I was thinking about doing it as a 2021 round-up, but as I am very much someone who could be described as "very online", being influenced is part of that, although I think … Continue reading Influenced Vol. 1

Saturday Scroll : 01/15/2022

Happy Saturday! I hope you Americans are enjoying your long weekend, I really wish Canada had another holiday in January, it would help with the adjustment back after the holidays. Not that I am making light of MLK Day, it is rightfully a sombre holiday, but MLK Day wouldn't make sense in Canada, so we … Continue reading Saturday Scroll : 01/15/2022

Friday Favorites: 01/14/22

It definitely took me a while to get back into the swing of real life after the holidays, but I finally feel like I'm back. Just in time for the weekend, but you know we take what we can get. I'm actually quite pleased this week, one of the vaccine clinics I helped with organizing … Continue reading Friday Favorites: 01/14/22

Lists I’m making in 2022

I love a list. I love to cross things off a list, I put things on a list just to cross them off. I make lists for everything. I also don't think a list solely belongs on paper and that a "list" is more of a loose category of things like Pinterest boards, bullet journals, … Continue reading Lists I’m making in 2022