What I’m Buying in August

I'm not buying much in August, I don't need much right now and I'm going home in September and I'll probably do most of my fall shopping while there. I'm also refusing to acknowledge the looming fall and winter, it is still summer goddamnit and I am going to eke out every last second. So … Continue reading What I’m Buying in August

Mid-Week Procrastination Vol. 10

^I wish Y'all, I am tired. I don't feel like I have any real reason to be so exhausted either, but here I am, once again asking for caffeine in an IV. I'm also feeling a lot of pressure at the moment with August and summer winding down and another terrifying Northern Ontario winter looming. … Continue reading Mid-Week Procrastination Vol. 10

Financial Fitness Check In: July ’22

This post was supposed to go up last Friday, but instead I went out on Thursday night instead of writing it. July was a more expensive month than I planned it to be, I started out the month saying I wanted to do a no-buy, or at least a low-buy and I really did not … Continue reading Financial Fitness Check In: July ’22

July Empties

Like I predicted back in my very light June Empties post, July is a heavy month. As in it didn't even fit in the box I normally use to store my empties during the month. There's also a good mix of products here, some skincare, some hygiene, some coffee, a whole assortment of stuff. Let's … Continue reading July Empties

Mid-Week Procrastination Vol. 9

In Ontario (and a few other provinces of Canada, but not all), yesterday was a holiday, and I am so thrown off. Tuesday felt so much like a Monday that it was ten o'clock on Tuesday night before I realized that it was Tuesday night and therefore I needed to get this post together. I'm … Continue reading Mid-Week Procrastination Vol. 9

A Week-ish in Outfits

This week was interesting, we started back doing one of the most hell-ish projects there is. I think it should be better this time around, we've done it so many times now, and hopefully this is the last round to exist (although if we end up having to do this for monkeypox too I will … Continue reading A Week-ish in Outfits

What I Read in July

Well I definitely broke my two book a month trend, finally. I read seven books in July, and I didn't really read during my week off. Honestly, this is kind of blowing my mind. I cannot remember the last time as an adult I read this many books. I'm attributing it to two factors, I've … Continue reading What I Read in July