Confident Bishes Unite!

So if you aren't a Sweaty Bish that title and that phrase probably don't make any sense at all, if you are a member of the SBC please say hi! Let's be friends! So last year in May or June? I realized that the pandemic would not be over by summer and that I needed … Continue reading Confident Bishes Unite!

Obsessions: June 5

Y'all it is hot and sticky. It's that kind of heat where you only want to eat popsicles and Free-Zees and not move. I'm also dealing with a serious flying beetle and ant situation in my apartment so if anyone has any tips, I'm going to buy some Raid when I go grocery shopping tomorrow, … Continue reading Obsessions: June 5

Home Workout Upgrading

I've been working out at home (like everyone else, of course), for about a year now (I did not work out in March or April 2020, at all). Then I realized that this pandemic wasn't going to be a three month thing like I thought at the beginning and that I needed to figure something … Continue reading Home Workout Upgrading