Financial Fitness Check-in: August 2022

This was a bit of a weird month, it felt like I didn't do anything, go anywhere, or buy anything, but I somehow spent a ton of money?? Some of it is for future stuff, like travel tickets for while I'm home, but most of it is bills and food. This was also one of … Continue reading Financial Fitness Check-in: August 2022

Financial Fitness Check-In: March 2022

Coming into March I had a feeling that this would be the month that turned things around. I had so many reimbursements, so much overtime, so much COVID pay, some pet sitting (that turned into a lot of pet sitting!) and I have never been so right about something. I have money in multiple savings … Continue reading Financial Fitness Check-In: March 2022

Financial Fitness Check-In: February 2022

2022 so far is the year that I set a goal of never using my overdraft protection and the year that I am consistently using my overdraft protection. Although I do think that March, with all the overtime I've been putting in, the COVID pay, and the pet sitting I have booked, I think this … Continue reading Financial Fitness Check-In: February 2022

Financial Fitness Check-In: January 2022

I have a lot of financial goals this year, and to be honest we are not off to a good start. I think that this month will turn things around if I continue to keep my spending in check. I think most people find January to be a lean month, at least people that celebrate … Continue reading Financial Fitness Check-In: January 2022

2022 Goals/Plans/Aspirations

I don't know what to call this post or these things. Calling them plans seems like asking for failure as we head into the third calendar year of the pandemic, when nearly all plans have been dashed, destroyed, and ruined. Including the majority of my Christmas break plans, so I guess having plans ruined is … Continue reading 2022 Goals/Plans/Aspirations

Spending Check In: November Review, December Plans

So like I said last month, I hoping that putting my money choices and realities out there (loosely, without super explicit details, that feels weird). And well, November was a disaster. It would have been fine if I hadn't needed to spend $1000 on winter tires, I would have pushed my budget to the limits, … Continue reading Spending Check In: November Review, December Plans

November Spending Plan: When Expected Expenses are More Expensive than Expected

In an effort to hold myself even more accountable with my personal finances I want to start logging them on here, both spending plans or a monthly budget at the beginning of the month and a check-in at the end of the month. Last month was one of the first net positive months I have … Continue reading November Spending Plan: When Expected Expenses are More Expensive than Expected

No-Buy Month Review

So in the month of August I attempted to do a No-Buy Month. The supposed purpose of a no-buy month is to get back on track with your finances, a reset, a cleanse for your spending instead of your eating, if you will. July had been a month reckless abandon with my spending, mostly because … Continue reading No-Buy Month Review

Wednesday Wants

So this is one of the ideas I came up with last week when instead of writing a blog post I spent my allotted "blog time" rethinking what I'm doing with the blog and what's been "performing". I kind of don't like that I care about what's performing when this was supposed to be a … Continue reading Wednesday Wants

No-Buy Month

I spent way too much money in July, some of it was explainable. It was a magical three paycheque month (if you get paid bi-weekly there are 2 months a year were you get 3 paycheques in a month). Normally my paycheques are pretty accounted for, with the first one of the month being most … Continue reading No-Buy Month