Financial Fitness Check-In: What I Spent in May

I know that May was going to be a bit more of a spendy month for me, I had a trip planned to get out of my one-horse town (literally, I have seen 1 horse here, and I am a former horse girl, so I notice stuff like that) and that I was looking to … Continue reading Financial Fitness Check-In: What I Spent in May

What I’m Buying in April

I think that April is going to be a month that I focus a bit on starting to build a wardrobe that is realistic for my current circumstances, rather than aspirational. I love clothes, I love dressing up and wearing pretty dresses and pretty shoes, but I also hate attracting attention to myself (says she … Continue reading What I’m Buying in April

My Pay Week Routine

As a part of working to pay off my debt and generally "get ahead" I have established a pay week routine to help me plan in detail where every dollar is going. Essentially it's part of a zero-based budget routine. Which many finance people talk about, but Dave Ramsey is one of the biggest proponents … Continue reading My Pay Week Routine

November Spending Plan: When Expected Expenses are More Expensive than Expected

In an effort to hold myself even more accountable with my personal finances I want to start logging them on here, both spending plans or a monthly budget at the beginning of the month and a check-in at the end of the month. Last month was one of the first net positive months I have … Continue reading November Spending Plan: When Expected Expenses are More Expensive than Expected

Wednesday Wants

So this is one of the ideas I came up with last week when instead of writing a blog post I spent my allotted "blog time" rethinking what I'm doing with the blog and what's been "performing". I kind of don't like that I care about what's performing when this was supposed to be a … Continue reading Wednesday Wants

Money, Money, Money: 1

I really want to get my finances in order. I'm tired of living paycheque to paycheque and have half my money go to paying off loans or credit cards every month. I want to buy furniture and travel and have savings so that I can do those things in the future. But I also get … Continue reading Money, Money, Money: 1