Dream Christmas List

This is kind of a follow-up post to Thursday's Realistic Christmas List post. I belong to a very normal income family, growing up Christmas presents like cell phones, laptops, concert tickets, mp3 players or iPods, or clothes from places like Lululemon or Aritzia or anything like that (that most of my classmates in high school … Continue reading Dream Christmas List

Realistic Christmas List

I will also be doing a much more fun dream Christmas list post, but this is the list that I will be sending to my family. A couple disclaimers, this is silly and fun, I obviously do not need anything for Christmas, I am happy to just be going home for the holidays and I … Continue reading Realistic Christmas List

Ultimate Dream Christmas List

Carly Riordan did this a couple weeks ago and it seemed so fun. These are the items that we would absolutely love, but could never ask anyone to buy for us (unless I start dating a billionaire suddenly) and have to save up for, probably for a while. The luxuries that none of us really … Continue reading Ultimate Dream Christmas List