What I Read in April

I really thought April would be the month I broke my 2 books per month average that I've been running so far this year, when I did read I enjoyed all the books I was reading and was getting through them quickly, but taking the time to sit down and read seemed impossible. Watching TV … Continue reading What I Read in April

Ulster Fry

Okay, so this has made me realize that this meal does not photograph well, but it is delicious and is a staple part of Northern Irish cuisine and culture. Firstly, a couple notes, this post is about the Ulster fry, there are huge regional differences in fry up breakfasts across the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, … Continue reading Ulster Fry

Travel Dreaming

I really really want to travel again this year, my last trip was in January 2020, and it was a "work trip", for my then-volunteer job, and before that it was New York City in August 2018, and I have the itch. Northern Ireland Really this is Ireland and the UK, as I would also … Continue reading Travel Dreaming

2022 Goals/Plans/Aspirations

I don't know what to call this post or these things. Calling them plans seems like asking for failure as we head into the third calendar year of the pandemic, when nearly all plans have been dashed, destroyed, and ruined. Including the majority of my Christmas break plans, so I guess having plans ruined is … Continue reading 2022 Goals/Plans/Aspirations