What I’m Buying in May

This has quickly become one of my favourite posts to write in this Month in Review/Monthly Planning series that I do. It makes me so much more intentional about what I purchase, what I do with my money, and I do stick to it, and if there is something that comes up in the middle … Continue reading What I’m Buying in May

Lists I’m making in 2022

I love a list. I love to cross things off a list, I put things on a list just to cross them off. I make lists for everything. I also don't think a list solely belongs on paper and that a "list" is more of a loose category of things like Pinterest boards, bullet journals, … Continue reading Lists I’m making in 2022

Saturday Scroll

Happy weekend everyone! I am tackling Kitchen Week from Go Clean Co.'s Fall Cleaning Challenge. I may have to buy some paper towel for it, which I literally have not bought a roll of paper towel in years, I generally use reusable rags, but if my oven is as dirty as the ones on @GoCleanCo … Continue reading Saturday Scroll

Wednesday Wants

So this is one of the ideas I came up with last week when instead of writing a blog post I spent my allotted "blog time" rethinking what I'm doing with the blog and what's been "performing". I kind of don't like that I care about what's performing when this was supposed to be a … Continue reading Wednesday Wants

KonMari that Sh*t: Komono Part 2

After skincare it felt like it only made sense to go through my makeup. Also I never really organized it when I moved into my new bedroom at my parents' house and I was sick of looking at it scattered all over the place. I also washed my makeup brushes (wash your makeup brushes I … Continue reading KonMari that Sh*t: Komono Part 2

KonMari that Sh*t: Komono Part 1

I took a bit of a break from Marie Kondo-ing my stuff for a bit because it was becoming a complete distraction from applying to jobs, which is supposed to have been the whole point of me quitting my job and even though I haven't spent any money I have been getting very worried about … Continue reading KonMari that Sh*t: Komono Part 1