Back to School: Sorority Recruitment in Canada

I have had this post planned all month, but I think with how BamaRushTok took over TikTok last week and how Ole Miss Recruitment will probably do that this week, it seems even more timely than I ever thought it would be. I've already made a couple TikToks about this, because if I was a … Continue reading Back to School: Sorority Recruitment in Canada

Obsessions: June 26

Well I did not write blog posts for Thursday and Friday, I had every intention, but I should have known I would be too tired after each day of vaccine clinics to do anything besides the bare minimum of taking care of myself. And the power went out after this crazy wind/rain/hail storm on Wednesday … Continue reading Obsessions: June 26

My biggest leadership lesson

I wrote in my post on National Badge Day about how and why I still volunteer with my sorority. I felt kind of fake writing it because at that point I had already announced to the organization that I was stepping away. Essentially, I felt as though I hadn’t really figured out how to balance … Continue reading My biggest leadership lesson

Why I’m Still Involved in My Sorority as an Adult

As a youth in Tennessee, the path for a young woman who wanted to go to college, was go to college, join a sorority, graduate with a "ring by spring" - I wanted a doctoral level degree so the "ring by spring" idea wasn't there- graduate, do your thing for a few years, get married … Continue reading Why I’m Still Involved in My Sorority as an Adult