Friday Favorites

Friday is my favorite day of the week, not just because it's the weekend, but because it is the day I go to my P.O. Box and to the coffee shop and get my weekly fancy coffee and sweet out. I look forward to it all week. I would love to get a coffee out … Continue reading Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites: Bad TV, Maggie Rogers, and Validation

This was the first week in months that life felt somewhat normal. It was really nice. I am also so sold on a Nespresso once again. I have been at this pet sitting job since Sunday and they have a Nespresso and it makes nice coffee and is just so easy. It very nearly made … Continue reading Friday Favorites: Bad TV, Maggie Rogers, and Validation

Friday Favorites: news overwhelm and favourite jeans

It feels a bit, meaningless? nihilistic? absurd? to do something like write a blog post about your social media favourites and favourite TV when Russia has invaded Ukraine thanks to one old white man's romanticization of the past and a desire for a return to the age of empires. But if I learned anything during … Continue reading Friday Favorites: news overwhelm and favourite jeans

Preparing for Holidays Alone

This coming weekend is Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada. The technical day is this coming Monday, the second Monday in October. And while I might feel a bit hypocritical writing this when I actually do have plans this Thanksgiving, I wasn't expecting to, and I have spent most Thanksgiving weekends alone since I went to … Continue reading Preparing for Holidays Alone

Friday Favorites

This week has actually been an excellent week! We have been having a staff retreat at work and it's in person! I have gotten to meet so many people, I've made friends! I've never thought of myself as an extrovert, but I am so energised (but also exhausted) by this past week and all the … Continue reading Friday Favorites