Saturday Scroll: 10/01/22

What a weird week, I didn't realize that yesterday was a federal holiday, I would have taken two more days off to take two full weeks off. But given that it was Truth and Reconciliation Day and I work for an Indigenous organization, it felt right to be back at work for it. I don't … Continue reading Saturday Scroll: 10/01/22

Saturday Scroll: 09/10/22

I am at the point where I am not wondering "Am I the Drama?", and started asking are these external factors the chaos or am I the chaos. I am severely overwhelmed. But I am slowly but surely making it through. I don't currently have Apple TV+, but this show, Gutsy, is very intriguing to … Continue reading Saturday Scroll: 09/10/22

Saturday Scroll: 09/03/22

I have decided to just go with the flow, on everything. Work stuff that is out of my control, my blog schedule, so when the last day of August came on a Wednesday and I knew that is when I would want my August in Review post to go up I just decided to go … Continue reading Saturday Scroll: 09/03/22

Saturday Scroll: 04/30/22

Sorry this is so late! I packed up all my work stuff from my pet sit and took it home, including apparently my personal laptop charger. So my computer died on Friday night when I was working on this. Then when I finished my pet sit and got home I stripped my bed and washed … Continue reading Saturday Scroll: 04/30/22

Saturday Scroll: 04/23/22

I think there is something about short weeks that have Monday as the holiday rather than those that have Friday as the holiday seem so much longer and more arduous. It just feels like there is so much more work, whereas when you week is ending on Thursday it feels like it is flying by. … Continue reading Saturday Scroll: 04/23/22

Saturday Scroll

LOL so remember yesterday when I said that I had the whole weekend off? No work, no pet sitting? I got my dates wrong, my pet sitting family isn't coming back until today, or tomorrow. Thank god it's beating down sunshine as I write this or I would be slipping into misery. I am so … Continue reading Saturday Scroll

Saturday Scroll 04-02-22

Hi, how was your week? I kind of noticed this last year, but I think I am either developing a seasonal allergy, or there is some different kind of pollen up here that I have seasonal allergies to. However, I don't know if that's accurate, because it is still a tundra here and nothing has … Continue reading Saturday Scroll 04-02-22

Saturday Scroll: 03/19/22

I hope you've had a good weekend. All I want to do is sleep this weekend. I'm pet sitting a puppy so I won't be sleeping in, but I'm hoping there will be options for a couple naps. Oh and I'm going to make waffles, really only because I have buttermilk to use up, but … Continue reading Saturday Scroll: 03/19/22

Saturday Scroll 03/12/22

Why Russia may win the battles, but can never win this war. From the First Lady of Ukraine to the world. (I can't actually figure out if they call them first ladies, but calling her the President's wife feels gross). What is Russia doing to the letter Z? I've mentioned a couple times that I … Continue reading Saturday Scroll 03/12/22

Saturday Scroll: 02/04/22

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great week! I am currently watching Don't Look Up on Netflix as I write this and I really don't know how I feel about it. It's maybe too close to home with everything that is going on right now. I do think that is the point, but it's … Continue reading Saturday Scroll: 02/04/22